Cabinet Expansion Pictures

Our Cabinet Showroom is complete, and we have the pictures to prove it! Thanks to photographer Dennis McDaniel for the beautiful images. We hope these pictures inspire you to come in and have one of our wonderful designers, Lauren, Jocelyn, and Mallory, create a work of art for your kitchen or bathroom.



Semi-Custom vs. Custom Cabinets

Dalton Carpet-7912Dalton Carpet One is proud to be a dealer of the semi-custom cabinet line, Wellborn. We’re often asked what differentiates our cabinets from custom cabinets. The answer is: not much at all!

Wellborn offers more than 50 door styles, 6 wood species, and more than 60 finishes. This includes a vast assortment of stains, paints, glazes, and finishing techniques that range over a variety of design styles. We also offer a multitude of construction options and copious storage solutions.

Wellborn is family owned and operated in Ashland, Alabama. Once your order is placed, dedicated workers in these facilities carefully craft the cabinets, resulting in durability and great craftsmanship. Essentially, the same process as if you were working with a custom cabinet shop. They are all built, sanded, and finished by hand with high standards and a quality control department that ensures these standards are met.

Another great benefit of our semi-custom cabinet line is the guaranteed turnaround time. Wellborn keeps a very strict schedule on production and operate within a 3-4 week timeframe. This gives us control over the scheduling of your project and is, in general, a shorter time frame than you would experience with a custom shop.

There are some misconceptions that these cabinets, sometimes referred to as “pre-fab” or “manufactured,” are considered cheap, or of low quality. We do indeed have an economical entry-level line through Wellborn that would meet the needs of those with a smaller budget, but not all of our cabinets would fit in that category. Also keep in mind that not all custom cabinets are created equal. There are a lot of very skilled carpenters that create beautiful custom cabinets with amazing craftsmanship, but there are also “custom cabinet” guys that use subpar materials & machinery that don’t always create quality cabinets. As you can see, there are many blurred lines between the different types of cabinets available to you.

Essentially, there are very few things that can’t be achieved by working with our semi-custom cabinet line. A visit to our showroom will give you a glimpse in what can be created for your home and will get your creativity flowing. Our designers are able to tailor to your tastes and desires to create the kitchen and bath of your dreams!

For more information on the products shown here or any other flooring or cabinet products available at Dalton Carpet One, visit our showroom on Atlanta Highway in Athens, call 706.353.0547, or visit our website at

–Written by Lauren Harrell, Kitchen & Bath Designer at Dalton Carpet One Floor & Home

Sunshine on a Ranney Day

The final reveal pictures of Jason’s bathroom are in and they are beautiful! Photos by Brandy Angel Photography, LLC.  Jason now has a wheelchair accessible bathroom where he can be much more independent and safe. Job well done for this family!

We are so glad that we were able to donate the foundation for this shower! It warms our hearts to know that he has such a wonderful organization that has worked so hard to get this together. Sunshine on a Ranney Day, y’all are awesome!

Jason's showerJason's Shower 2

See more pictures on their Facebook Page.

Ceramic vs. Porcelain Tile


Is there a difference?

T776_NA50_00Let’s start with this plain and simple fact:  all tile is ceramic. They are not two different things.

Although both are made from clay and other naturally occurring materials that are fired in a kiln, the clay used to make porcelain tile is more pure and refined. Porcelain is an extremely dense and hard material because it is fired at a higher temperature and greater pressure.


Ceramic tiles are used in pretty much every tile application. These tiles are softer and easier to cut than porcelain, meaning that they are more susceptible to wear and chipping. They are usually suitable for very light to moderate traffic for this reason. Ceramic tile is easy to clean, durable, and available in many styles, colors, and textures. If you have kids or pets, consider light grouts and textured tiles, as these are not as slippery and a safer flooring option.



Porcelain tiles have been fired at a higher temperature, making it a denser tile. These tiles are much harder and are more wear and damage resistant than non-porcelain ceramic tiles. They are excellent for light traffic and heavy traffic. Full body porcelain tiles carry the color and pattern throughout the entire depth of the tile, making them nearly impervious to wear and are appropriate for any application. Porcelain tile can cost about 10% more than the regular ceramic tile.

Before choosing a ceramic or porcelain tile consider where you are going to use it. Stay with a good quality ceramic tile if it is going to be in a high traffic area such as an entry way or heavy used hallway. For bathrooms or laundry rooms, use a porcelain tile. Not only is porcelain tile more durable because of their hardness, they are more resistant to moisture. It is the best choice for tiling bathroom floors, bathroom walls, shower stalls, and when tiling around bathtubs.

Chateau (7)

Porcelain tile is also an ideal product for cold-weather climates where freeze/thaw conditions are a concern, especially outdoors. Due to its low moisture absorption rate (.5 percent or less), porcelain is less likely to crack after freeze/thaw and is more impervious to stains.

No matter what your design style is, there’s a tile flooring option to bring your vision to life. Tile is not purely a trendy choice, either. It’s been appreciated as flooring for years and will continue to be a great way to bring lasting beauty and value to your home. Whether you have a traditional, contemporary, rustic, or modern home, there is a color and style of tile that will immaculately match it.

BROCHURES 12-24-2012.pdf

For more information on Dalton Carpet One, stop by our showroom at 3690 Atlanta Highway, Suite 108 in Athens, Ga., call 706.353.0547 or visit One of our talented designers in our expanded tile center would be happy to help you put new tile in your home- no matter the application!