The Dalton Carpet One Difference

Even More Reason to Purchase from Us

Locally Owned and Operated
When you shop at Dalton Carpet One, you are among neighbors. We live side-by-side with you, shop in other local stores with you, and send our children to the same schools. So we are dedicated to our customers and we care about our community.

Competitive Prices
We are a member of a cooperative, a larger company owned by us and other independent, family businesses like us. Being a member of the Carpet One Floor & Home® cooperative gives us the scale and buying power to offer you, our customer, the most competitive pricing, service, and innovative flooring in the industry, all while maintaining our local and independent identity.

Cooperatives work together to gain buying power and scale. This allows independent, family businesses like us to provide the most competitive pricing and value. Together, our cooperative of over 1,000 member store owners is the largest buyer of floor covering in North America. This means that we can negotiate great prices and pass those savings on to you, our customers. We also benefit from shared best practices and business tools that help us run our business better and provide extraordinary service.

Exclusive Brands
We have more than 20 brands exclusively offered through Carpet One, as well as others. These brands include Bigelow, Lees, Tigressa, Innova, Resista Cutting Edge, Invincible Hardwood and LVT, Rustic River Hardwood, Vero Stone, Laminate for Life, and more!

Leading Flooring Experts
When it’s time to choose a new floor for your home, there are many things to consider. Whether you’re looking for a carpet perfect for active families or a hardwood that stands up to moisture, knowing and understanding the different products and attributes available can help you narrow down the selection. Our amazing sales staff can provide the information you need to understand the different types of flooring materials and the installation process. Dalton Carpet One has more than 1,000 years of combined flooring experience!

Community Focused
As an independent family business supported by our membership in a cooperative, we are dedicated to giving back to our communities and helping others. We live, work, and play in this community, just like you. We are fully invested in keeping our community vibrant and strong. We are your neighbors, friends, and family. In addition to giving back directly to our community, we provide local jobs and a positive work environment.

Every year, we hold two 3-Day Sale events- one in the spring and one in the fall. We offer to install carpet in your home for free if you donate a designated amount to a charity chosen by us. On Oct. 20 – 22, come out to support The Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s with our $38 whole-home carpet installation.



Fall for Your Home Again

How to incorporate your favorite fall decor into your home.

Ah, Autumn! Pumpkin spice, foliage, sweaters, and football. Warm colors of reds, oranges, yellows, and browns surround us in nature. Athens is particularly pretty in this crisp season. Tailgating is one of a kind in our special town! When I think of Fall, I think back to my childhood where we would jump in the leaves, sing Five Little Pumpkins (which was apparently adapted into a book in 1998), make hot apple cider, pick our favorite pumpkin with my many cousins at the pumpkin patch, and wore patterned turtle neck sweaters my mom insisted were “in.” With so much love Fall receives, we want to show you how you can bring this sensational season – from colors to textures and scents – to your home.


The best way to bring Autumn to your home is to bring the outdoors in! Be creative! Popcorn kernels, apples, corn on the cob, sticks, leaves, and even nuts all add touches of nature, which is a beautiful decor concept. A couple of my favorites and more popular options are pumpkins/gourds and foliage.



Well, these are just my favorite so I’ll get started with these. The perfect way to add a punch of autumn to your porch or parlor is to add a precious pumpkin or plenty of ’em. Pumpkins now come in all shapes, sizes, textures, and trends. Some of the ones I like to decorate with most are the velvet, sweater, burlap, and the tee-tiny ones you can find at your local grocer. These textures are great because it brings out elements of Fall that are seen in other decor. Natural gourds that come in odd shapes (super tall with a hooked neck or short and squat), colors (orange, white, dark green, and even striped), and textures (smooth all around and lumpy) tickle me especially. Put them in a table scape, in your entryway, on the mantle, in a wreath, or on a side table. Adding a few pumpkins to your home immediately makes it feel like Fall.

Fall Foliage

It’s called “Fall” for a reason! Leaves fall from the trees and rain down in a colorful shower, ready to be raked up, thrown about, and jumped in. Draping a leaf garland over your mantle, banister, or door frame brings the crisp colors of Autumn into your home. Leaves can be used in decoupage, laying flat on a table, and even seen in patterned decor.

Autumn Color Palette

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 11.21.42 AM
Photo by @ellaferguson, a member of the @my_athens team. UGA Campus

What does outside look like during this time of year? Orange, yellow, brown, red- the colors of leaves falling from their trees to be replaced by fresh green ones in a few months, then repeat the cycle all over again.Fiery red maple makes a beautiful focal point when countered with the feathery foliage of dawn redwood laden with warm browns and soft yellows. Keeping these colors in your decor is a sure way to make the space exude Fall.


Throw Blankets

JUST LOOK AT THIS BLANKET! I want to throw it over my head because it reminds me of the big pile of leaves my dad would rake for us to jump in and throw around when I was younger! Who wouldn’t want a pile of gorgeous leaves in your living room, without the mess?!

Throw Pillows

Such an easy way to include the season into your decor! They can be changed out every few weeks to keep the space interesting and timely. Pops of orange, patterns to mimic the season, or textures to create an artistic touch can all be used. I love the tassel fringe used on this one. Be creative!

Let it Glow

The soft yellow glow of candles creates a warm and magical atmosphere for your home. One of my favorites, because of the bonus scent, is 3-wick candle in Autumn (rightfully named) by Bath and Body Works. Smells of bright red Gala apple, juicy fig, eucalyptus leaf, and fir balsam make up this incredible artwork of a scent. No wonder it’s a top seller.

What Inspired Our Core Purpose

What inspired our Core Purpose is what inspires us daily: you.

Our Core Purpose is what defines us as a company. It serves as a reminder to why we are here: We exist to make it easy for customers to confidently create functional and beautiful environments.

Core Purpose.jpg

Our number one focus is you, our customer. We want you to know that we are here to help simplify the process of purchasing floors or cabinets for your home. It isn’t always easy renovating, remodeling, building, or even decorating your home – especially when you have the interior design talent of a shoe (like my poor mother…)! Luckily, we have a full staff of interior designers who are here to guide you through your inspirations to make your vision come to life.

Our talented sales staff work hard to make sure the vision you have for your space lies within your budget and your lifestyle. We do whatever it takes to make sure you are comfortable and confident with the decisions you make for your home.

The time, energy, and money you invest into your home should never be wasted. The environment you create with us will be functional as well as beautiful. Our installers are some of the best in the area and we assure you that you will be completely satisfied. We even have a Beautiful Guarantee for our floors!

In our follow-up call, we welcome any feedback as we are constantly striving for improvement. We take pride in knowing that you will always receive the best service from everyone at Dalton Carpet One.

Since 1978, we have instilled these values of remarkable customer service, relationship-building with our customers, and superior installations. This is what makes us stand out. This is what sets us apart. This is why we are still here and growing exponentially after 38 years.  This is what makes us Dalton Carpet One Floor & Home.

Best Flooring For Your Kitchen

Hardwood, Rubber, Tile, LVT, or Laminate?
Kitchen options to fit all needs.

Floors take a beating, even in fine environments, but nowhere more so than in the kitchen. Command central for preparing dinner, math homework, family gatherings, and more, it’s important to find a kitchen floor that can endure continuous traffic and make the style statement you want.

In your search for kitchen floors, durability, affordability, maintenance, and softness should be considered. Because of the possibility of water, spills, and messes, water-resistance and friction should also be taken into consideration. You wouldn’t want to slip in a puddle of water while holding the main entrée!

Just about any interior design style can be complemented with tile or wood. Because of their versatility, durability, color and texture variation, and timeless beauty, they make up 72% of kitchen installations (Builder Practices Survey).



Tile makes up about 41% of kitchen installations. In the event that a tile does crack or chip, it can easily be popped out and replaced. Tile can cost anywhere from 99 cents to $30 per square foot, depending on the quality of the tile. The great thing is that tile has a wide variety of colors, styles, shapes, sizes, and textures. Even cheaper tile can be glazed to mimic certain looks, like marble or wood planks. Tile does just fine when it gets wet, so cleaning it is a breeze.

Light (6)


Making up about 31% of kitchen installations, hardwood flooring comes up second on kitchen flooring. Unfortunately, hardwood is not quite as durable as tile, as it can scratch and dent. Another downside is that it doesn’t do well when it gets wet. In the event a child adds dish soap to the dishwasher by mistake (guilty!) you would have to completely replace your floors. Hardwood has such a naturally gorgeous appearance, it can be hard to pass up!

Other 28%:



A more expensive option, but only because it is very durable. Stone (quartz, slate, granite) does not absorb very much water and is also very easy to clean. A great option for a luxurious kitchen.

Avenues 871 Lombard


As with most things, laminate made with higher quality materials will be more durable. The better-made it is, the more expensive it will be. Most options are fairly cheap, though. Laminate typically comes in a pattern that mimics the appearance of wood. It is fairly easy to clean, just use a damp mop.
Contrary to popular belief, laminate is not waterproof! If there is a leak from a burst pipe, you will most likely have to replace your floors. Fortunately, it can be so cheap this may not that big of a deal. It was time to replace that pattern anyway!


LVT/Sheet Vinyl

Luxury vinyl tiles or sheets are a very versatile option, as it comes in a wide selection of colors, patterns, and sizes. Like laminate, vinyl is more durable as the quality goes up. Vinyl tiles or sheets are a very cheap option for flooring, especially for how durable and versatile it can be. It is very easy to clean and is more water-resistant that laminate.



Used mostly in commercial space, rubber is making appearances in residential homes. Rubber flooring can be expensive but is so durable it is worth it. It is resistant to water and slips, making it a great option for your kitchen. Rubber floors come in a wide assortment of colors, textures, and can be cut into pretty much any shape you may desire. Even that fleur-de-lis I am so fond of! One of the few downfalls is that it stains easily with oils, but it is easy to clean otherwise.